Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship Program: Providing Help To Students With Epilepsy

gntnutrhygFor all we know, scholarship programs are given to those students who show an excellent academic performance but unable to go on schooling due to financial shortage. According to some news, the percentages of out of school youth are lesser compared with the past few years due to this scholarship programs given by various organization. In fact, scholarship programs nowadays even include students with disabilities, particularly epilepsy. We all know that Pfizer is one of the most famous pharmaceutical companies across the world. Moreover, Pfizer created a scholarship programs for students who have epilepsy. Pfizer epilepsy scholarship programs gave chance to those students who wants to pursue their studies but suffering from this disability. The good thing with this scholarship program is that, they are able to attain and continue their high school or college degree even they have epilepsy. Selected students are awarded with a minimum amount of $3,000 worth of scholarship program. They select students according to their standards.
Applicants must be under their physicians care and undergoing treatments for epilepsy. Moreover, the applicant must be taking anti-epileptic medication. Application process can be found on the Internet. Preparing all the documents you will need for application especially medical records and files could increase your chance on gaining the said program. Student must also exceed in their academic performance despite of their disability and must give two recommendation letters. At least one of your recommendation letters will come from your physician or doctor. You can check their website in order have more information and details regarding the application process and deadlines. Make your application clean and true as possible in order to have a bigger chance for the scholarship program. Indeed, Pfizer Epilepsy scholarship program had helped many students for the past ten years. They recognized students who keep on reaching their goals in life despite of their illness. Pfizer made a way to pay those students effort by giving out scholarship programs in order for them to study. Moreover, Pfizer’s scholarship program gave new hope to that student who wants to reach their dreams someday.

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Carotid Sinus Syncope, Other Causes Of Syncope And Epilepsy

670px-Provide-First-Aid-for-a-Broken-Bone-Step-5There are other causes of syncope like hypersensitive carotid sinus, which is located in a small, slightly dilated portion of the common carotid artery, at the level of the thyroid cartilage, just below the angle of the jaw, before this blood vessel bifurcates into internal and external carotid arteries. It is present on each side of the neck. The carotid sinus is very important for controlling the heart rate of a person. In general practice, when a person comes with a very high rate, e.g. in a condition of PAT, when the patient feels marked palpitation, and is in acute distress, the physician may give a mild massage (about five seconds at a time) on the side of the neck, at the level of the upper border of the thyroid cartilage. This stimulates the carotid sinus (involving the cardioinhibitory effect of the vagus nerve), and the heart rate starts decreasing slowly. This method is so effective that if simultaneously the heart rate is not checked, carotid sinus may lower the heart rate to dangerous levels. Hence, one can imagine the role of the normal carotid sinus in lowering the heart rate with a simple massage, and if the carotid sinus is hypersentitive, a mere jerk/movement of the neck to one side may markedly bring down the normal rate of the heart, leading to the decreased flow of blood to the brain, causing syncope.
The same may happen when there is a pressure on the carotid sinus from outside, i.e. from some lesions in the neck such as enlarged glands, etc. Or, this may happen when a person is wearing a very tight collar, etc. Hence, every case of syncope needs a very thorough check-up for arriving at a definite conclusion, and besides, various investigations for detecting a lesion in the heart, when it is so suspected, tests may also be required to see the hypersensitivity of the carotid sinus, especially when other causes/possibilities are not contributory. It is true that in spite of a thorough investigation in a well-equipped hospital, the cause of syncope may not be possible to detect. (The author happened to examine an emergency case of syncope in a 73-year old man, who as soon as he stood up from a chair, fell down suddenly. The patient was made to lie down, and when the author reached the spot he was fully conscious. He was then investigated extensively, but no cause of syncope could be determined, and the patient has had no such attack now for the last five years). As stated earlier, rarely, in some cases, when an attack of syncope is a bit more acute, i.e., when the period of unconsciousness is slightly prolonged, even convulsions may occur. Hence, besides investigations for the heart, an EEG/CT scan, etc., may also be required for the exclusion of epilepsy.

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Vaso – Vagal Syncope, Cardiac Syncope And Epilepsy

fg nhfnhfrVaso – Vagal Syncope
The exact mechanism of syncope is still under study. In this condition, there appears to be a transitory fall in blood pressure due to the failure of peripheral resistance. This momentary fall in blood pressure causes a decreased flow of blood to the brain, leading to syncope, during which time there is a transient/brief form of unconsciousness, and the patient may fall to the ground, if he remains standing, i.e., does not sit, or lie immediately. Before his fall, he may feel some symptoms like nausea, giddiness, vertigo, disturbance of vision/hearing, blurring of vision or odd noises in the ears, body pallor, rapid respiration and sweating, etc. If the attack is a prolonged one, in some of the cases, even twitching/jerky movements, or open convulsions may occur, thus creating some difficulty in diagnosing the condition clinically. Such attacks occur usually only in a standing/upright position. They do not occur when the patient is either lying down or sitting.

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Publication Of All-party Parliamentary Inquiry Report Into Epilepsy Services

0802healthThis week saw the publications of the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland’s online parliamentary report: “Wasted Money, Wasted Lives”. A long list of failures in the care and treatment of people with epilepsy has resulted in around 400 avoidable deaths a year and £189 million in wasted funds, according to the report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on epilepsy published this week. Wasted Money, Wasted Lives, a hard-hitting report, supported by the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland, into the human and economic costs of epilepsy in England, condemns continued government failure to meet the needs of people living with the condition. The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Epilepsy, chaired by Baroness Gould of Potternewton,was launched to spread awareness of the nature of epilepsy amongst Parliamentarians and to raise the political profile of epilepsy and related problems.

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